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Five years ago today. [Sep. 11th, 2006|01:11 am]
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I was sleeping when the alarm clock went off. My local morning DJ who is usually funny says ".... this will be like asking 'Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?'"

Odd... I hit the alarm shutoff, roll out of bed and head to the computer, my normal source of news.

CNN website, down. Google, down. Yahoo, down....

very VERY odd.

www.fark.com, of all places, is up...

As it loads my blood runs cold, as I slept the world has fallen apart around me. Four airplanes? The world trade center? The Pentagon? All aircraft grounded? What the hell is going on here?

I look at the clock, 9:30am pacific time.

I wake my roommate because we have class together at 10:00 and I wake my fiancee and tell her what's going on... she doesn't say much.

What do we do? stay home? go to class? We decide we can't do much by staying at home except watch the horror over and over again so we head for class. We need contact, confirmation that we aren't dreaming. Once we get there the instructor gives a short speech which I can't remember, and sends us home. The campus is being evacuated.

I drive to the airport, I sit, I watch.

Nothing happens. No one moves. It's like a moment frozen in time.

I call my mom and dad and tell them I love them.

[User Picture]From: trippie
2006-09-11 09:09 pm (UTC)

Five years ago today...

... I got up and got ready for high school, just like any other day. I threw on black capris and the Guess Who T-shirt from the concert I'd just seen over Labor Day weekend... the "American Woman Tour," complete with a silhouette of a woman in red, white, and blue. Of all things to wear that day! It still gives me the willies.
It's Senior Year and I start off the day, as usual. AP History first period. Spanish second. At the very end of Spanish, they made an announcement over the intercom. Something about an accident with a low-flying plane over New York City. Third period, study hall. We crack jokes about "Who in the hell is dumb enough to fly that low over Manhattan?" The teacher doesn't correct us. I don't know that he even knew.
Fourth Period. It's about 10:30 Eastern Time at this point, and it's a Tuesday, so I have lab when I'd normally have my obscenely early lunch. I walk into AP Bio and freeze immediately in my tracks. Mrs. Tanis has the television set on. She explains what she knows. Erica runs out of the room screaming; her father was working in the building. Mrs. Tanis offers an ear if we want to talk. She says we can go to lunch if we want to, or we can stay there. I sit, for two periods, and stare, as I see the planes hit over and over and over.

Cell lines were all jammed up. It took me hours to find out whether or not my uncles, who lived in NYC, were okay. Same for Dad, who was supposed to be working in the city that day. (He overslept, luckily!) It took me a day and a half to find out that a friend who was in art school there at the time was okay.

I have a friend whose family members (Aunt and Uncle, if I remember right) were in the shot of the people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I wasn't working at Pizza Hut that night, but I went over to give everyone a hug. I helped Lynn reset the tables, and we all went in the back to listen to the President address the nation.

It all feels so unreal and long ago, while simultaneously feeling like it was yesterday.
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[User Picture]From: bcrowessteffi
2006-09-11 10:16 pm (UTC)
i was asleep. it was a tuesday, i didn't have anything until 1.

roommate comes in the room and turns on the TV. i'm pissed as hell because i'm trying to sleep, damnit. she notices i'm awake and says, "There was an explosion or something at the World Trade Center."

as Steffi doesn't do mornings, my first thought was, "Someone flushed a fuckin' cherry bomb down the fuckin' toilet." I put on my glasses and look at the TV.

only one tower was standing.

i jump out of bed, get online, try and find out what's going on. as i'm sitting there at the computer, the second tower falls.

i call my mom, and then go to the music building where we all hug and cry. people i had known for less than a month suddenly became my family.
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[User Picture]From: lordsauron
2006-09-11 10:37 pm (UTC)
It was about 6:15 AM when I got up. I was dreading yet another early morning lifting electrical equipment and driving all abouts San Diego county delivering electrical supplies. As usual, I have the alarm as my radio. It is tuned to KFI 640AM. Now realize that 6:15 AM is unprecidented for me. I'm usually up two hours later. I noticed that the radio host, Bill Handel, was a little more anxious than his normal self. He had a very serious tone. Groggily I half-pay attention to what he's saying. I stroll to my computer to do my usual e-mail check, and what not. Then I hear Bill Handel, "I do not believe this is an accident. This is a terrorist attack." This really got my attention. So I make a quick dart to downstairs and flip on Fox News. And there I see before my eyes, the World Trade Center burning up. I was mesmorized.

I quickly shower and get dressed for work and then go off to work. Seems like just another day for San Diego denizens. Traffic is at it's normal flow. I get to work and everyone is just crowded around the TV watching the WTC burn. I watch for a little bit and then get to my duties. My boss comes to me with a list of place and supplies to deliver. I go off and deliver them. The radio reception is rather shit in the antiquated vehicle so I'm missing the details. When I return, I learn that the BOTH towers have collapsed under their weight. That really got me. I couldn't believe it. Two significant structures just gone like that...
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