Flying, drugs would have been cheaper

8 days of happy day two

Day two, Monday:

The work week started out slow, but I am very HAPPY to report that the windshield for the Aztec is cut, shaved, drilled and ready to install tomorrow! I'll be very HAPPY when this project is done, these are the worst fitting windows I've ever had to install. It's like the airplane was larger when it was new.

Sean called me today and asked if I'd like to get some Bonanza time tomorrow! Free flight time makes me HAPPY!
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Flying, drugs would have been cheaper

Eight days of Happy, day one.

So I've been looking at this journal here. It's been over a year since I posted anything so I guess I'll start with something that a friend tagged me on that I liked.

This is 8 days of happy, every day for 8 days post something that makes you happy.

Day 1, Sunday:

Well I woke up around 9:00 this morning and loafed ALL DAY. It's nice to have a day off once in a while to just do nothing, and I know that the desire to slack wont last forever, and just a few minutes ago I decided that the kitchen was in dire need of cleaning. It's spotless now!

I got back in touch with a couple really old friends recently and today had a nice conversation with one of them, and sent an email to the other. Talked to my mother today also about plans for Christmas. Really looking forward to going down there. I don't get to see my parents enough.

Now I'm kicking back and watching a DVD, and typing this. I haven't thought about work in hours ;)
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On checkrides, cancer, healing, and Half Dome.

Stories from the sometimes random series of events that is my life.

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Well if you made it all the way through that you should have a good idea of what the last few months have been like.

Stay tuned, I leave for 7 days in New York on Sept. 8th, I'll post some photos of that when I get back, including September 11th in NYC.
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Flying, drugs would have been cheaper

trials and tribulations

In case some of you have been wondering where I've been lately. I spent the last month or so moving into a new apartment. It's muh nicer than the last and comes equipped with the roommate that actually pays rent... and a washer and dryer. ;)

To reward myself for completing my moving chores early I went with some friends to Pismo Beach to ride my ATV on the dunes... well, on Saturday around noon I rode directly off of a 10 foot drop and in the process of bracing myself I broke my left distal radius at the wrist joint. It required surgery to affix a plate and screws to mend the damage. I got out of the hospital yesterday still in considerable pain. The doctor says the surgery went well and I should be fine in 4 to 6 weeks. I will have an initial loss in strength and range of motion but that with physical therapy I should be just fine. The plate and screws will be mine forever.

before you begin to think that I'm some sort of live fast die young daredevil, I've been riding off road for 22 years now and this is the first time I've had a very bad injury. The time of day and conditions were just right to hide the drop, and I couldn't stop in time.

In the meantime the pain medication makes me unable to sleep and causes hallucinations... but at least I have cable. ;)

I should have my internet back on in the next few days.
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September 17th 2006

What weighs 10000 pounds, makes over 5000 horsepower, and does nearly 500 miles per hour at less than 100 feet?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Reno Air Races are held at Stead Field in Reno Nevada during mid september. This year was my first year going and I'll be going every year until the gummint shuts it down for being too damn much fun.

They have an airshow too:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I took over 700 photos but unfortunately neither my skills or my equipment seems up to the task of shooting something that's moving that fast. I'm adding an image stabilized lens to my wish list for next year. Most of the photos ended up like this:

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Five years ago today.

I was sleeping when the alarm clock went off. My local morning DJ who is usually funny says ".... this will be like asking 'Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?'"

Odd... I hit the alarm shutoff, roll out of bed and head to the computer, my normal source of news.

CNN website, down. Google, down. Yahoo, down....

very VERY odd., of all places, is up...

As it loads my blood runs cold, as I slept the world has fallen apart around me. Four airplanes? The world trade center? The Pentagon? All aircraft grounded? What the hell is going on here?

I look at the clock, 9:30am pacific time.

I wake my roommate because we have class together at 10:00 and I wake my fiancee and tell her what's going on... she doesn't say much.

What do we do? stay home? go to class? We decide we can't do much by staying at home except watch the horror over and over again so we head for class. We need contact, confirmation that we aren't dreaming. Once we get there the instructor gives a short speech which I can't remember, and sends us home. The campus is being evacuated.

I drive to the airport, I sit, I watch.

Nothing happens. No one moves. It's like a moment frozen in time.

I call my mom and dad and tell them I love them.

I Follow Roads

The mood struck and I did a little writing this evening... A warning to my non-pilot friends though, you may not understand much of what is behind the cut, there's a lot of pilot jargon, but I hope I have conveyed the rest in such a manner as to be entertaining. If you do want to ask what something means just ask and I'll explain it.

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Flying, drugs would have been cheaper

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What will you do now?

The comedy answer I come up with is "Go to Europe and find myself."

Being a college graduate, like turning 18, 21, or 40 is not really the huge life changing event that you expect before it happens. I've been preparing for it for a couple of years now, as one does with any expected event. Do I feel any different? sort of... Freedom is the word of the day, but there's no longer any excuse for not being successful either. The "different" I feel is not the one that comes from a sudden shift, those are unexpected. The "different" I feel is one that comes from 7 years of work, three with no clear direction, two with a general idea of where I was going but no end in sight, and two years, perhaps the best of my life, with a laser focus.

What will I do now?
I will have weekends to myself now.
I will have time to draw, learn to paint, and finish some of those model airplanes gathering dust in my closet.
I will read, and I don't even have to write about it later.
I will write.
I will take up music again and learn theory and scales, finally. Maybe I'll even find a band to play in... after lots of practice.
I will work as much as possible but also remember that time off is as important as money.
I will get back out to the desert.
I will fly, for Grandpa, for Nick, for Vern, and for Myself as often as possible.
I will coach the flight team for as long as I can because it's worth it.
I will hang out with friends as often as they'll have me because they're worth it.
I will get a tailwheel endorsement and learn to fly upside down.

And maybe... just maybe... if I have time left...
I'll finally GET SOME SLEEP.

but don't bet on it.